European Academy of Voice

Wednesday, August 31, 2011



I Anatomy and physiology (Gerhard Friedrich & John Rubin)

II Endoscopy, stroboscopy, VKG and high speed imaging (Frank Müller & Markus Hess)

III Breathing, pulmonary function and aerodynamics (Johan Sundberg & Nathalie Henrich)

IV Voice acoustics, Microphones, recording and computers (Christian Herbst & Jan Svec)

V Analyzing voices with machines: spectrography, phonetograms, EGG (David Howard & Frank Müller)

VI Analyzing voices with ears, brain, and heart (Kitty Verdolini & Britta Hammarberg)

VII Principles of voice therapy (Jenny Iwarsson & Lesley Mathieson)

VIII Dissection and phonosurgery (Markus Hess & Gerhard Friedrich)

Founding Members

Johan Sunberg (S), President; Markus Hess (D), Secretary


Jan Svec (CZ); John Rubin (GB); Antoine Giovanni (F); Felix DeJong (B); Franck Muller (D), Gerhard Friedrich (A);  Lesley Mathieson (GB); Svante Granqvist (S)

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The European Academy of Voice (EAV) is a non-for-profit, non-political organization aiming to advance ontinued education as well as research in the various voice diciplines. The academy aims at being active in all European countries. English will be the working language of the academy.

The day before the PEVOC9, European Academy of Voice will organize a series of pre-conference tutorial course. Small groups will be organized (approximately 15 persons) and sessions will run as far as possible as hands-on workshops.

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