Oral Presentation

Unless specific information given to you by the chairman of your session, the typical duration is 10/12 min followed by a 2/3 min discussion. The total alloted time for a presentation is then 15 min.

Please check the room in which your presentation is scheduled and upload your slides/videos on the computer of this room during a break. On demand you will be helped by our technicians. You can as well use your own laptop if you prefer, (even a Mac but think to the VGA adapter).


Poster size A0 (or A1) vertical

Short oral presentation (2 min!) is organized in two sessions  (check the program). You are supposed to give your presentation (no more than 2 to 5 slides) to the room technician before the session to allow a «fluid» organization. For the same reason, the use of your own computer (PC or Mac) will not be allowed. Think to give your slides in due time.

Book of Abstracts

Abstracts (oral & poster presentations) will be collected in a book distributed to all the attendees. Do not forget to send us your abstract to be inserted in due time (it must be received at pevoc9@me.com before Aug 9th).

Size : 1-page, usual sections (introduction, material, etc.). All details here