MAVEBA Satellite event

MAVEBA 2015 hosts a one-day summer school on physics-based voice simulation.
Coordinator: Sten Ternström

There will be six 45-minute sessions taught by leading researchers in the field, and one hour of group study session. The focus will be on principles and techniques at the forefront of research.
This summer school takes place in Florence close to the MAVEBA venue, at 09.00-17.00 on Saturday the 5th of September. The school will be free of charge. The number of seats will be limited to 25.
Those wishing to attend should submit a brief CV and a letter of motivation as to why they want to attend. The deadline for application is 19th June 2015. Attendees will receive a list of recommended literature/reprints. The summer school is hosted by the EU project EUNISON,, where more details and the application form will be available. The summer school will be held at Hotel Rivoli, Via della Scala 33, Firenze.