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Curriculum vitae of Alfonso Borragán, Spain

Alfonso Borragán Alfonso Borragán, Ph.D. in medicine from the University of Cantabria and specializing in phoniatrics in 1987 at the University of Padova (Italy). He is director of the Center for phoniatry and speech therapy in Santander (Spain). He is a physiopathologist in communication, and especially dedicated to the voice, developing a method of speech therapy with his working group called PROEL and based on propioceptivity and elasticity. He is the phoniatrician of the Palacio de Festivales de Santander.

In 1991 he developed laryngeal fibroendoscopic surgery (FEPS) with the CELF team, in Santander (Dr. Riancho, Dr. Diaz), in Verona (Dr. De Rossi), and in Cesena (Dr. Ricci Maccarini). He has taught the prevention of disorders of the voice via online-courses to voice professionals in Spain. He is the creator of the Classroom Oratoria at the University of Cantabria, alongside Prof. del Barrio.