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Mission Statement

PEVOC (Pan European Voice Conferences)

The Pan European Voice Conferences, PEVOC, was conceived in 1995 from Johan Sundberg and Gunnar Rugheimer with the aim to establish a European forum where voice professionals can come together to present their findings and exchange experiences with colleagues in the pedagogical, artistic, medical and scientific areas.

PEVOC is a series of biannual conferences, ambulating between European cities. The British Voice Association hosted the first PEVOC in London in 1995, and subsequent PEVOCs have been arranged in various cities with the latest event in Florence (see Past Conferences). The good attendance at these conferences shows that PEVOC meets a need and the scientific quality of the presentations is a manifestation of the fact that much interesting and important voice research is being done in Europe.

PEVOC is not another society. The responsibility of organising the biannual conferences is passed like a torch in a relay race from one interested voice organization in one country to a like-minded organization in another European country. Thus has been born a tradition, which stimulates European voice research by interdisciplinary exchange and which offers a platform for sharing findings with all who are interested.

To promote the scientific quality of PEVOC presentations an Advisory Committee has been established, now headed by Chairman Markus Hess and Secretary General Dirk Mürbe. It is composed of experts in the various fields of voice including scientific, clinical, pedagogical, therapeutic, and artistic. The responsibility of the Advisory Committee is to encourage all people interested in voice to participate in PEVOC and to see that European voice scientists present their recent findings at PEVOC.