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Short History

The Pan European Voice Conference (PEVoC) was first initiated in 1995 by Johan Sundberg and Gunnar Rugheimer. The idea was to create a forum, where specialists from all around the world interested in the human voice and its workings could meet and share their discoveries and practical experiences biannually. PEVoC has taken place in eleven countries all around Europe. The good attendance at these conferences shows that PEVoC meets a need and the scientific quality of the presentations is a manifestation of the fact that much interesting and important voice research is being done in Europe.


To promote the scientific quality of PEVoC presentations an Advisory Committee composed of experts in the various fields of voice has been established. Their responsibility is to encourage all people interested in voice to participate in PEVoC and to see that European vocal pedagogues present their recent findings at PEVoC.

Past Conferences